Now this is a real workshop!

Steel Garages or Workshop

These affordable and durable steel garages or workshop can serve a variety of uses for your home or business, but the steel garages or workshop is truly the car enthusiast's favorite! The customized steel garage with a black and white checkered floor and red border is a car workshop dream come true! This is a brief overview of steel garages or workshop. Check out the gorgeous options this steel garages and workshop has to offer:

First, this steel workshop is 20 feet wide by 25 feet long. It has a 9' leg height and a 12 foot 7 inch peak height (what does peak height mean? Dimensions described)

Next, this workshop has a 9 wide by 7 high roll-up steel garage door in the 20 foot end wall. There is a walk-through door and windows pictured on this workshop and you can get the details on it, including the price for this specific steel garage here.

Additionally pictured here, this steel workshop has a lift pictured inside for working on cars, as well as the gorgeous custom floor and tools, which you can see in the background.