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Found on this website is a wide selection of carports and carport styles including portable carports or car ports, metal carports or RV covers, carport kits, steel carports and vehicle carcovers.

Introduction to Carports

There are literally tens of thousands of carport configurations possible. That is where we come in, to offer the expertise to assist you in designing the carport to fit your circumstances. Not just with your circumstances do we offer direction, but we also take into consideration the requirements in your area for snow load ratings, seismic ratings and wind load ratings. So, it is not just you need a carport this wide, or this long, or this tall; but we tailor your carport for your counties requirements. We have the expertise, engineers and design staff to get the job done right the very first time. That is why we are trusted by these clients. Many on our sales staff have installed carports in the past and have the knowhow to offer sound advice.

Carport Overview

What most people are surprised about when seeing our carports in person is how solidly they are built. They can't believe that you can walk on the roof of a carport.

Another nice feature about our carports is that they can be moved. Simply disassemble label the pieces for orientation so it goes back together in the same way. Then remove the self-tapping screws, load the parts on a truck, move it to the new location and reassemble it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carports

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  1. Our #1 question asked, "Does the price for the carport on the following pages include shipping, anchoring and installation within the normal service area?"

    Yes, yes and yes. The specific prices on the following pages for car ports include anchoring, shipping and installation on your level site within our normal service area in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia.

  2. The second most frequently asked question about the installation of your metal carport, "How long before my carport is installed?"

    We are running longer than normal lead times due to high demand during this pandemic. Steel materials and crews, are limited nationwide, which greatly effects our average timeframes. Currently we are averaging about 3 - 6 months. Timeframes begin once your site is ready and are pending any unexpected material shortages or weather delays. We appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

  3. Are the prices for car ports current on the following pages?

    Yes, they are

  4. Pricing samples: (retrieve figures from the following price pages)

    What if I want a carport with 14 gauge framing, 2 gable ends and no side panels?

    Select 14 gauge base price + 1 gable end + 1 gable end

    What if I want a carport with 12 gauge framing, both sides closed to the ground and one end closed?

    Select 12 gauge base price + 1 side closed + 1 side closed + 1 end closed

    What if I want a carport with 14 gauge framing and no additional options?

    Select 14 gauge base price

    What if I want a carport with 12 gauge framing, 1 gable end and 2 side panels on each side?

    Select 12 gauge base price + 1 gable end + 4 side panels (2 per side)

  5. Can I have my carport custom sized; I don't see the size I need!

    Yes. For example you may need a carport that is 21' wide x 23' long. We will make it that size. To determine the cost it would be the exact same cost as the next larger standard size carport. So, for this example it would be the same cost as a 22' wide x 26' long carport. This formula would apply in every circumstance.

  6. Does a color choice add to the cost of my carport or RV port?

    No, you may choose any of our 15 different colors. You may choose one color for the roof, a different color for the trim, a different color for the sides and if a gable end is desired a different color for it at no additional charge. You may also choose to make all of the colors the same on your structure, it's your choice.

  7. Can I buy the carport materials or carport kit and assemble it myself?

    Yes in some instances the car port materials are available. If it is, just deduct 5% from the prices quoted on the following pages. All materials will be delivered to your home. You cannot pick up materials under any circumstances. No assembly instructions are provided. This is your choice if you decide to purchase and assemble yourself (not our recommendation).

  8. Do I have to pay sales tax for my RV shed or car canopy?

    Unless you are purchasing for the federal government, state government, have a farm or agricultural exemption or have a sales tax exemption number and are willing to sign a sales tax exemption form, you have to pay sales tax, or live in a state that is free of sales tax.

  9. What factors may add to the cost of the carport?

    These are some of the unusual factors that may add to the cost of your car port:

    1. If the carport is to be installed over an existing structure in place there is an additional charge of $200.
    2. Trip charges will apply outside of normal service area and may apply toward outer edges of service area.
    3. Installation on an un-level area from 4"-9", additional labor charge of $150.
    4. Installation on a boat dock, additional labor charge of $200
    5. Installation on an elevated retaining wall - fees assessed on a case-by-case basis (photos required)
    6. If materials have to be carried over 50 feet to the installation site additional fees will apply, typically $50
    7. Additional labor charge to construct the unit and slide it over, typically $200 and is not possible in every circumstance.

    Keep in mind that the aforementioned additional fees are unusual and very likely will be unnecessary in your normal circumstances.

  10. Is there a discount if I purchase more than one auto cover or RV carport?

    No, there are no quantity discounts.

General Question

  1. What colors can I choose from for my carport?

    We have 15 different colors to choose from for your car port. You may choose one color for the roof, a different color for the trim, a different color for the sides, and if a gable end is desired, a different color for it - at no additional charge.

  2. What type of truck is my carport delivered on?

    This delivery page is a good source. The top two pictures show the standard delivery truck and trailer. The 3 member installation team brings the material with them and construction begins immediately upon arrival

    1. 1 Year Workmanship Warranty From The Date Of Installation.
    2. Limited Rust Through Warranty On:
      • 12 Gauge Frames 20 Years
      • 14 Gauge Frames 10 Years
      • Metal Panels on Regular Style Units Up to 31’ Long
      • Metal Panels on Boxed Eave Style Up to 31’ Long
      • Metal Panels on Vertical Roof Style Up to Any Length
    3. Assuming normal care and maintenance.
    4. There are no other warranties stated or implied.
  3. What is the gauge and size of the metal frame and sheet metal?

    1. 14 gauge galvanized steel framing; square measures 2½" x 2½"
    2. 12 gauge galvanized steel framing; square measures 2¼" x 2 ¼"
    3. 29 gauge steel Max-Rib panels in 15 different colors.
  4. What if my ground is not level?

    Normal installations allow for the ground to be 3-4 inches out of level. If ground is more than 4" out of level we likely will have to trim the legs to fit the contour of the ground. Carports can typically be assembled if ground is out of level from the highest point to the lowest point 4"-9" with additional fees. To determine leveling fee, see item number 9 above under Fees. Carports will not be assembled if the ground is more than 9" out of level from the highest point to the lowest point.

  5. What can I do if my ground is more than 9" out of level?

    You could do what was done here for custom leveling.

  6. Do you make carports longer than what is on your price list?

    We'll make carports as long as you need.

  7. Do I need a permit?

    You may depending on your local zoning regulations or rural location.

  8. What if I want to enclose the whole carport and make an RV garage or auto garage?

    Information on an enclosed structure.

  9. What if I want to just get a carport now, and later on have installers come back and put sides on to make a garage? Is that possible?

    Yes that is no problem. There would just be an additional return trip fee plus the cost of the options you were having installed at a later date.

  10. How tall does this need to be to cover my motor home or camper?

    The number one mistake people make is they get them too tall for RV's. If you were in the pouring rain with an umbrella in your hand, would you hold the umbrella as high as you could or hold it down close to your head for added protection from the elements?… Even the tallest RV's on the market today are 12'6" tall to the top of the A/C.

  11. Can it be attached to my home/garage/other structure?

    No, we will not attach our steel structures or awnings.

  12. Who installs my carport?

    Factory trained installation teams deliver the materials and assemble the carport immediately upon arrival in your area.

  13. I have other questions or concerns. How can I talk to someone?

    Call our knowledgeable staff toll free at 1-877-942-3745 Monday through Friday.

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  15. Can you install on a boat dock?

    We will only install on a stationary dock. We will not under any circumstances install a carport on a floating boat dock. Further, we must be able to back a truck and trailer up to the boat dock without carrying materials over 50 feet or up/down steps. Installation on a boat dock will assess additional fees. See item number 9 above for additional fee.

  16. Do you provide rain gutters?

    No, we offer no rain gutters

  17. What width carport is good for 2 cars?

    Most people prefer a carport width of at least 20' wide for 2 cars, although some report that 18' wide is sufficient.

Construction Question

  1. How is my carport assembled?

  2. Do I need to do any site preparation?

    Remove anything out of the way that would impede the progress of the installation. Clearly mark the four corners of the carport location and level the spot if necessary

  3. How many braces are included?

    All carports come standard with peak braces and a minimum of 4 corner braces.

  4. What is the difference between 14 and 12 gauge framing?

    Both are galvanized steel. However, the wall thickness of the 12 gauge framing is 3 hundredths of an inch thicker.

  5. What is the roof pitch on my carport?

    1. Most box eve style carports, the roof pitch is approximately 4:12.
    2. Most regular style carports, the roof pitch is approximately 3:12.
  6. What is the post spacing?

    1. For 12' to 24' wide carports the post are spaced no more than every 5' apart.
    2. For 26' to 30' wide carports the post are spaced no more than every 3'6".
  7. Can I have this installed on a wood floor or deck?


  8. Is the Box Eve style or the Regular style stronger?

    There is no difference in strength.

  9. How long does it take to assemble?

    Carports can take anywhere from 1 - 8 hours to assemble depending on the options that were ordered.

  10. How tall will my gable end be?

    The bottom of the gable end is typically the same height as the legs.

  11. How close can I put this carport to another structure, building or fence?

    There is no hard and fast rule. However, keep in mind that there will have to be enough room for the installers to attach the sheet metal to the sides with their screw guns and set their ladders for taller structures.

  12. If I order a side panel, how far down the side will it go, or how much coverage would I expect?

    Side panels will come down 3' (three feet). So if you order one side panel, you will have three feet of coverage. If you order two side panels, you will have six feet of coverage. Three panels would equal nine feet of coverage.

Anchoring Question

  1. How is my carport anchored to my concrete slab?

    Holes are drilled into your concrete slab. Then wedge anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail of your carport into the holes in the concrete and securely fastened for a secure hold.

  2. How is my carport anchored to asphalt?

    32" long anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail. A small hole is made in your asphalt and the anchor is driven into the ground with a sledge hammer under the asphalt.

  3. How is my carport anchored to the ground or dirt?

    32" long anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail. The anchors are driven into the ground with a sledge hammer for a secure hold.

  4. How is my carport anchored to a wood deck or other wood surface?

    Lag bolts are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the carport base rails and screwed down into the wood surface for a secure hold.

Ordering Question

  1. What are the financial terms to purchase?

    12% deposit usually paid with a credit card or check is required. Balance due after your carport is installed. Purchase order is acceptable with approval and should be faxed to us at: 770-942-4655.

  2. Is financing available?

    Yes, financing is available. For further financing details and to calculate payments visit this page.

  3. What is your refund policy?

    All purchases require a 12% deposit. There is a $25 fee for orders cancelled within 7 days after submission. The balance of the deposit will be refunded. After 7 days, the structure will be in production and deposits are not refundable.

  4. What are my payment options?

    Personal or business check, debit or credit card - Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, cash, money order, financing is available with approved credit or a Purchase Order with prior approval from the accounts receivable department at Georgia Portable Buildings.

  5. How do I order?

    See our secure order form, fill it and click submit.

  6. What happens after I place an order online?

    After clicking submit, you will receive a confirmation number at the very top of the following page. Then a staff member will contact you to review your order in detail, normally within 2 business days. After this review, we will prepare your order and either fax, email or mail you a copy of the invoice for you to review and sign. Once we receive your signed invoice, the scheduling department will contact you approximately 2-6 days prior to installation. We will not just show up to install your carport. You will get a call to schedule the installation.

  7. How do I choose carport or rv cover style?

    Notice the choices in styles at the top of the carport or rv cover style page.