Storage Sheds

When you are shopping for sheds for sale, you want to look for a few important things:

  • Floors are included (solid design, entirely pressure-treated plus skids and joists)
  • Delivery is included and may be free for your area (within 20 miles of our location)
  • Warranty is included (20 years on floor and exterior)
  • What do you want to use the building for? (small shed, large shed, storage shed, potting shed, pool shed, work shed, studio shed, planting shed, an exercise gym shed, office shed, she-shed, garage shed, art shed, resin shed, bike shed, cottage shed, lean to storage shed, project shed)
  • Prices are easy to understand and there are no hidden fees
  • Check for deals or a sale; sometimes you might come across a used shed that may work for you

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Large Sheds

Large sheds are popular with people who need a lot of storage space. You may have run out of space inside your home and you need room to store items that you don't want to have to pay to store. Large sheds are a great way to keep your belongings right where you live without having to pay storage fees and drive somewhere every time you want to get to your things. Those monthly storage fees add up, don't they?

When you want to store lawn equipment like a riding mower or push mowers and other larger supplies, but you also need to store big and bulky items such as furniture, large sheds are a great solution. The floor system in these bigger buildings are constructed to withstand the weight of heavy, bulky items. Free up garage space and make room for more with a large shed.

The building seals tightly and also keeps the environment free of moisture. The design and construction of these buildings exceed the industry standard for portable storage sheds of their kind while maintaining an excellent interior environment.

The building can be used as a work shop or garage shed as well as a storage shed because of its larger size. You can choose to have a large door, a steel roll-up garage door, or even double doors installed on the shed.

How Long Does a Shed Last?

We offer a warranty for each of the types of sheds we sell metal, wood, and vinyl sheds. Each shed is a quality structure that is built to last. Each shed we sell has its own 20-year warranty.

When shopping anywhere for a storage shed, look for one built using the best quality materials. Some considerations are:

  • Are these shed kits or am I getting a fully built storage shed?
  • Is delivery included?
    • Is the building set up and leveled when it's delivered?
  • Will there be any time consuming maintenance required?
    • Will I have to be painting the shed after a few years?
  • Is it resistant to the sun's rays or will the exterior finish crack?
  • Can bugs and snakes or rats get in and destroy your valuables?
  • How sturdy is the door?
  • Can it handle rain and moisture without breaking down?
    • How will it do if it's sitting in the shade for years?
    • Is it prone to rot or mildew?
    • Is the floor going to break down and get a hole in it?
    • Will the windows or roof leak?
  • What if it's too small and I need a bigger one after a few years?
    • Can I trade it in or sell it back to you?
  • Does it have a warranty?

How Long Do Vinyl Sheds Last?

Our vinyl sheds are designed and built to last for decades. They are built on the same tough foundation as our other sturdy structures, with ¾ in. pressure-treated plywood floor, single 4 in. x 6 in. floor skids and 2 in. x 4 in. joists - all pressure-treated.

Workshop Sheds

Workshop sheds are great for storing tools and working on a project. You can enjoy time away while you tinker on your hot rod, classic car or motorcycle.

Appreciate your garage time while you kick back and listen to some tunes and chill in your man cave that also functions with a work bench.

How Long Do Plastic Sheds Last?

If they are outside in a very hot and sunny area, they will break down faster. Plastic will warp, fade, and crack, with the sun's direct heat in hotter states. Very brittle cold temperatures in Northern states can also cause the plastic to crack, as can the weight of snow and ice.

Plain and simple, plastic is not a highly durable material for an outdoor storage shed. This certainly doesn't work well for a large shed design or one that will be kept on the ground or exposed to the weather over an extended period of years.

The best way to determine how long a plastic shed will last is to examine the warranty, usually supplied free by the manufacturer.

Do Sheds Made Using Plastic Rot?

The answer to this question is no, plastic sheds do not "rot". This style is usually meant to hold small items and does not last as long as a wood shed or a metal shed would by any means.

As far as plastic sheds rotting, they are not made of natural materials, so they will not rot per se but plastic sheds will break down over time. The plastic can become brittle and crack or show other signs of breakdown.

How Long Do Metal Sheds Last?

A backyard shed should be designed with the best materials and set up in a way that will last the maximum amount of time possible.

A storage shed is meant to be constructed of the highest quality materials in order to make it last, and ours are!

Metal sheds are designed to last longer than other types of storage structures on the market, such as wood or plastic. Metal is comparable to vinyl but requires next to no maintenance.

Steel sheds can be an excellent investment and it actually stays cooler in the hot summer months than a woodshed does. Steel doesn't require paint and our steel siding structures are under warranty not to rust. The complete structure is solid from the ground up and makes a very nice solid design, which is stable against high winds, snow, and ice.

Also, it's the siding that is cooler than wood and doesn't require sealant or paint, shingles or stain. This would be a metal or steel shed as opposed to a wood shed. Wood sheds cost more than their steel counterparts as well. With wood, you also have to worry about pests getting in or chewing on them from the outside, yuck!

The maintenance involved with a metal shed is simple, the most you might have to do is pressure wash your steel shed once per year and that's it! These structures don't require any fuss like other types of siding; they're virtually maintenance free!

What is the Shed Life Expectancy Based on Building Material?

A well-built shed that is truly structurally sound should have a life expectancy of several decades. This means that the shed won't deteriorate from the ground up or from the roof down. It won't leak from the roof, the windows, or the doors. It should be completely portable in case you ever want to move it.

Your shed shouldn't attract termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, or any other pests that might ruin your valuable items over time.

The building materials used to produce these structures include ¾" pressure-treated plywood floors, pressure-treated 2x4 studs, pressure-treated double 2x6 joists, and galvanized metal roofing. Structures come standard with at least one window, and wired with a light, outlet and switch included in the price. Options include double layer floors, insulated walls and ceilings, and insulated floors among many others.

When you open the door and go into your storage building, you should enter a dry building free from mildew with absolutely no leaks inside. When you view one of our buildings on the lot, regardless of siding type, you will see that it is airtight and that's just what you will receive at your home or office. This is what you can expect for decades to come and this is what your 20-year warranty will provide.

How Long Do Wooden Storage Sheds Last?

Wooden storage sheds will break down over time based on the fact that they are made of natural materials and require work. There are composite materials that a storage shed can be designed with so that it looks like timber but lasts much longer that real wood would actually last.

The problem with natural lumber is that it has to be stained, painted, or treated and maintained to keep its beauty and to prevent breakdown over time. If it is properly preserved, it can last much longer but it does require much more maintenance, so however much time you are willing to put into it, you can preserve and extend its life.

Untreated wood will deteriorate much more quickly and unfortunately, these comprise the large majority of sheds that are sold on the market today.

Outdoor Sheds

Outdoor sheds are excellent for expanding storage area outside the home or office and providing more room. A storage shed can be used for many different applications and making for more free space in your environment.

The floor design of these sheds is as follows:

  • ¾" pressure-treated plywood floor, double 2"x6" floor skids and 2"x4" joists - all pressure-treated
  • This is unique in the industry, as many other sheds out there are built with thinner floors and they compromise on materials.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds have become very popular for their great looks and durability. They decorate many backyards of homes all across the USA in many styles from a barn look to a modern home style. The roof can be metal - in many colors, it can have shingles, or it can be wooden.

Wood storage structures never rust and you're free to keep them unpainted if you choose to; you can decide and create the look that you prefer. They are very charming and rustic and styles are many and varied.

Our wooden sheds maintain the elements of inspiration and protection for the home while still helping you stay within your budget. Small wood sheds or wood tool sheds can be nice since they are a safe place to store items that you need to keep handy near your house.

You can also use a wood shed to store wood for your fireplace! They can be practical and look very attractive with a door and windows, designed and laid out however you choose.

What's nice about wooden sheds is that they fit nicely into housing communities and they typically meet with numerous HOA covenants in order to maintain the beauty of modern upscale neighborhoods.

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl sheds are very attractive and have become popular in subdivisions and larger sprawling neighborhoods. Vinyl backyard structures typically have shingled roofs, just like houses, so they match and therefore they meet the standards for many stringent homeowner's associations and neighborhood covenants requirements.

The siding colors can be chosen to match modern homes, which makes the building blend into the neighborhood and make it more appealing to the eye. The shingled roof colors can also be chosen to blend or match with the existing home color.

What About a Garden Shed?

A garden shed is a nice idea for keeping your supplies handy when you are frequently enjoying the outdoors. You can utilize storage of potting equipment, shovels, rakes, gloves, tillers, and even riding lawn equipment.

A small garden shed can be sufficient, or you can have a larger shed that you use to store all of your lawn care and garden items in one area. This outdoor shed can be used to store a combination of garden tools and planting items.

Good ventilation is key because you don't want the fumes to build up inside a gardening tool shed. If you have a small potting shed, it's a good idea to have a vent. If you have a larger garden shed, two vents are better, one on each gable end. This way you never have to leave any windows open and there are no security issues but potentially noxious chemical fumes are not trapped up inside.

Storage Shed Styles

There are many varieties and styles of sheds, from the most basic to the very elaborate. Some sheds have multiple doors and windows, air conditioning, and are completely moisture-proof.

Sheds are used to store food and other essentials for life, expensive belongings, tools, and even very elaborate machinery.

Have you ever heard of saltbox sheds? Merriam-Webster defines saltbox sheds as: "a frame dwelling with two stories in front and one behind and a roof with a long rear slope." This style is typically seen in a small shed size but sometimes people choose the saltbox in a larger backyard shed. This shed has a double door style that can be ornate and the building can have a modern straight-laced look or a European-type look.

Another style of shed is the loafing shed, a barn or shed for ranch animals where they meander by choice and sleep on (usually) straw bedding. The shed can have up to three walls with one open side for the animals to enter and exit freely. The walls provide wind and weather protection.

Another style of shed is one that has a porch. These are very attractive and can be used for a variety of ideas. They look attractive from the outside no matter what they are used for and it's easy to dress them up with very little effort. How cute is that?

How to Properly Maintain Your Shed to Make it Last Longer

The best siding to choose is the one that prevents rust and requires little to no maintenance on your part. The least amount of maintenance from you would be the steel or vinyl shed.

How wide of an opening do I need to get a fully assembled shed into my backyard?

Each structure comes fully assembled as part of the warranty. We can provide you with small bright flags to mark your area at the four corners where you would like your structure to be placed. This way you and the delivery guys all know where the shed is to be delivered in advance.

A good rule of thumb is to provide a buffer of at least one foot on each side of the shed. In other words, say you ordered a 10' wide shed, that means you want at least a 12' opening of room (one extra foot on each side of the shed). This is true when you have a fence on either side of where the shed is going to be put (see the drawing above).

The delivery spot should be a nice level location and be as straight a line as possible, ideally no curves or turns to get in to the delivery spot where the shed goes. It's understandable that some locations won't be perfect and that's ok, our delivery team is great at what they do, and they're also very nice people. They really appreciate your help to make their job a bit better when they show up with a building on the back of a rollback wrecker and they want to treat your property with respect.

We do ask a few things when it comes to delivery, for your safety of course. Please have your pets secure beforehand, it keeps them safely at home during the delivery process. Make sure everyone is secure and all items are out of the way of the delivery truck and team and the path is clear, including anything that might hinder the delivery process. If anything is left in the delivery path, it will have to be moved so that your shed can be delivered, set up, and leveled in place properly.

Please note that due to certain weather conditions, such as slippery uneven ground, we won't be delivering until the ground has dried sufficiently. If the weather is bad or has been bad for days or weeks, we also cannot deliver the shed, understandably.

What are my payment options?

We accept: Personal checks, cash, money orders and all major credit cards (note: there is a 4% processing fee associated with the use of a credit card). We offer options for payment plans including rent to own and financing; ask about our 90 days same as cash option.

So how does the process work?

If you would like to use RTO (rent-to-own), we have a paper for you to fill out and sign. If you are a renter yourself, have the page signed by your property owner and return the page to us. We copy your driver's license, get the paperwork moving and give you an answer very quickly.

When you choose to finance your shed, the process is similar, you just need to fill out one piece of paper and sign it. We will get a copy your driver's license, get the paperwork moving and give you an answer very quickly.

If you're approved and the structure you want is in stock, we can get your shed moving out and on it's way to you promptly, sometimes within the week, depending on delivery scheduling.

If your shed is one that needs to be ordered, it may take a week or two for it to be manufactured and arrive to us fully built and ready to be delivered to you. In that case, you will receive a phone call when your building is ready to be delivered to you.

How do I make the final payment at delivery?

Final payment will be made at this time if you have not already done so. You can write a check for this amount, pay with cash, or credit card and you will be provided a receipt to complete the sale. This amount will be clearly stated on your invoice and you will be aware in advance so there won't be any surprises. If you paid with RTO or financing, these payments will go directly through the company you used.

Thank you for taking your free time to understand more about the storage shed process and all that goes into it. Now you know what to look for when you are shopping for your dream storage shed.