Portable RV Covers That Really Work

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14 ft. x 36 ft. Portable RV Cover


Starts at $5,345.00

Check out our 14 ft. x 36 ft. portable rv cover with twelve foot legs and extra panels on each side. This protects your rv from the elements.

Build & Price In Cart
  • 14 ft. wide x 36 ft. long x 12 ft. leg height x 15 ft. 2 in. peak height
  • Sample Shows Additional Options:
    • 2 - 3 ft. x 36 ft. panels (1 per side)
  • Color:
    • Top - Pewter Gray,
    • Trim - Quaker Gray,
    • Sides - Pewter Gray

In Most Cases:

  • 1 Year Workmanship Warranty.
  • 20 year Limited Rust Through Warranty On:
    • 12 Gauge Frames
  • 10 Year Limited Rust Through Warranty
    • 14 Gauge Frames
  1. Our #1 question asked, "Does the price include shipping, anchoring and installation?"

    Our prices include shipping, anchoring and installation on your level site within our normal service area

  2. The second most frequently asked question, "How long before installation?"

    Average install time is 3 - 6 weeks

Shipping to: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Are Portable RV Carports Worth it?

The answer is yes! Let’s say you are looking into buying an RV or camper. Maybe you just got a good deal on a motorhome. You don’t want to just leave it sitting out in the rain and hot sun month after month and you can’t always use it. What are you going to do? Should you pay to have your RV stored under cover somewhere? Is it worth the cost to pay to rent storage or are RV carports worth it? Should you check into a temporary or cloth RV cover? What about those plastic or quick setup type covers for your back yard? Are you ready to invest in a metal or steel RV cover? These are all important questions to ask, especially if you already have an RV, a camper, 5th wheel or pop-up.

You might want to consider the following: if you live in an area where the weather is mild most of the year, you may consider a canvas or cloth RV cover. It may last you a couple of years. But the money you put into a temporary shelter, even one with plastic legs and a pretty nice temporary top isn’t going to hold up in a storm (which is very unpredictable) or even heavy wind, rain or snow.

Accidents are called accidents for a reason; no one plans to have bad things happen. A tree limb falls and sometimes the insurance company doesn’t pay for that damage. It would be a shame if your nice family outing was ruined, the money you spent on your nice shiny camper was wasted because you didn’t have a good solid cover over it.

If you have a nice RV or camper, you need a nice, solid shelter over the top of it. It makes sense to cover and protect your investments, just like you drive your car into a garage to protect it. You want your investments protected so it makes sense to say that RV carports - built with solid and lasting materials like solid steel – are worth it!

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The Importance of Solid Metal RV Covers

One of the most important reasons for proper weather coverage with RV covers is to improve the year-round life of your vehicle. When an RV is cared for and protected from the elements the best it can be, you will be able to get the most out of it, and for a significantly longer period of time. All of the portable RV covers from Georgia Portable Buildings are carefully designed and constructed to do just that for our customers.

The sturdy steel roof and support do the very best to keep your vehicle out of harmful elements. Water damage will be a thing of the past, as the solid framing and roof structure keeps all rain off the RV and campers.

The RV shelter prevents mold, mildew, unwanted odors, and A/C damage. Another important reason is that this type of port also protects from damaging sunlight. Over time, UV rays will begin to harm your vehicle. This can cause fading of the paint and the drying out of plastics, even dry rot of the tires and seals, which can cause leakage on a recreational vehicle.

With a weather RV cover, you will always be protected in the shade, out of the wind. Aside from these mentioned weather issues, seasonal changes can cause leaves, pine needles, pine cones, and other debris to cover the roof of your RV. Yet again, this problem is easily solved with the correct roof style on your new steel carport or RV cover from Georgia Portable Buildings.

Does RV Cover Roof Style Matter?

Style is just for looks when it comes to outbuildings too, right? Actually, no, weather protection in camper storage and style goes hand-in-hand, it's not just a style or “looks” thing.

Harsh weather conditions and harmful UV rays can do a number on your expensive camper, RV, or motor home. The right shelter to adequately protect and cover starts with roof design.

The right style roof on carports or other structures used for storage can make a big difference in the life of both the RVs and the RV covers. The key is the vertical style roof. What does that mean?

A vertical roof is where the panels of the roof are aligned vertically, or up and down, as opposed to horizontally or side-to-side. This vertical alignment on an RV carport allows snow, heavy rains, debris such as leaves, and pine straw to slide right off the roof. This way, no debris builds up on the roof to create unnecessary pressure on the carport or RV cover structure.

Now that you have a gorgeous RV, it’s time to have a portable RV cover to make it last!

What About Dimensions?

How do I know how much space I will need for my metal RV cover? This is a vital question. You don't want a length, width, or particularly height that is too big or too small. It is important to find just the right size for your storage and motorhome or RV needs. So how do you do that without spending too much?

The important thing is to get your measurements exact when shopping for metal RV carports. Know in advance how much room you will need, maximum, when your slide-outs are deployed, with your AC unit(s) attached, when everything is out just like you have the RV set up while enjoying a nice trip. This way, you will be able to have everything covered when you get back and you are ready to clean and air out your motorhome or camper. You will want to be able to access everything but also keep everything covered, with protection, while doing any maintenance.

You may decide that this means you want extra room for storage behind where you park, or you want side panels that come down and provide more weather protection while you’re parked at your house. There are many variables depending on how much sun shines on your camper, the best way for you to gain easy access, harsh weather, good RV roof access, potential snow in your area, and many other factors.

The takeaway from this section is that you need to know four dimensions: Overall width, length, leg height, and peak height. Apex or peak height is at the very tallest height, in the center. Leg height is at the sides, where the metal "legs" meet the corners of the structure.

What Are My RV Cover Options?

When it comes to metal carports and your customized weather RV cover, there are plenty of options. Some choices include: metal frame gauge - either 14 or thicker 12-gauge framing, or enclosed sides on the RV shelters for more weather protection like that of harmful UV rays. Another choice would be extra storage in metal carports for keeping vehicles such as your car or truck safe and locked up. This option would allow camper storage and storage for RVs and a boat, as well as shelter for vehicles and locked doors such as garages have, so that you can protect your valuables.

Another nice thing that the RV carport allows for is that your nice motorhome can be kept under shelter right at your house instead of driving to a storage facility to park your vehicle in order to protect it. You will know that the storage you choose has the construction you understand to keep the RV or motorhome you bought under your own protection at your house. You will have space right where you need it most and still have cover and enclosed protection under and out of snow, rain, hot sun, wind, sleet, and damaging hail storms.

You can choose the length, width, and height that are best suited and customized to your needs. Another choice is whether you want your cover installed on concrete or not. You can choose the materials that are used to build and install your RV cover. You can choose your own roof styles, such as vertical, a-frame, or regular style. You may want to go with a metal garage style installation, a barn, or an affordable RV camper cover, or metal car cover, a vertical roof portable metal RV carport, metal RV carports, or one of our other affordable buildings on sale for covering campers.

At Georgia Portable Buildings, all of our portable RV covers are completely customizable. We have a gorgeous selection of fifteen colors that allow you to add your own personality to every single part. Besides the color designs, the size of your personal shelter is also extremely flexible. No matter the size of your unique vehicle, we can build you an RV carport or metal RV garage that fits it perfectly. All of these customization options mean there are literally thousands of distinct possibilities.

Options? We've got you covered with options!

You have the option to rent-to-own a portable RV cover or finance the carports as well. These structures are affordable and available in more places across the nation than ever before. Our main office is located in Georgia; however, we service all across the USA. There are more financial options now than at any time in history, so feel free to take advantage of these. If you already have a good relationship established with your bank or want to finance with your credit card company, feel free to do so; you may be able to obtain an excellent rate right now.

The rent-to-own option can be a great thing for some people as well because it allows for a 90-day “same as cash” option. This means that if you rent to own for 90 days, you are responsible to make the payments in that amount of time (with the RTO company). If you pay off the amount in that timeframe, you will not be charged a fee. It is your choice, but RTO is a great option to at least have as an incentive for early payoff. In addition, many banks and credit card companies offer lowered rates so you may have several financial choices while shopping for RV covers and carports.

What Should I Keep in Mind?

When shopping for a covered place for campers, barns, garages, buildings, vertical roof, or installed style RV covers or an RV carport, you want to keep the following things in mind:

  • How solid the structure is (this isn't the time to skimp - you want solid steel, not a cloth or tarp that’s going to rip)
  • What are the dimensions or what is the size of your RV, motorhome or camper?
    • You don't want it too big so you are not paying too much
    • How tall should RV carports even be?? Is there such a thing as TOO TALL? But my RV is tall!
    • Make sure it's not too small so you can expand those pop-outs or slide outs and have room to move.
  • What is it made out of?
  • You want the best bang for your buck so check:
    • Framing gauge
    • Roof style
    • Roof gauge
  • How can I prepare my ground for an RV cover?
  • Do I need concrete?
    • If so, what size should the concrete pad be?
    • If I don’t need concrete, what are my options?
    • What if I want asphalt or gravel instead?
  • How long can I expect until it's installed?
    • Are there still any delays because of the pandemic?
    • Does where I live affect when my item gets installed?

Understanding Portable RV Covers

At Georgia Portable Buildings, we understand how valuable our customers’ recreational vehicles are. You want to find the best in portable RV covers. As an RV owner, you want to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, both in physical appearance and performance. To suit all of your RV, camper, fifth-wheel, and motor home protection needs, look no further than our selection. We are happy to offer a massive assortment of solidly constructed, protective, customizable, portable options to meet all of your carport and RV cover needs. Forget the tarp and go with the solid metal RV covers you don’t even have to install that last a lifetime!

Framing is an important aspect of a well-built structure. The materials and installation of metal RV covers make them solid enough to handle rain, snow, and sleet but still protect a boat, car, truck, or vehicle from the elements. These RV shelters can have style, different colors for sides and trim, and allow space while providing shelter on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or ground. They have a solid construction and are anchored, they are still affordable, and they have options for wind and snow load certification (where required).

If you want walls or a garage, (RV garages) you can protect your valuables with enclosed structures next to your own house. Doors and windows then become an option if you want to look at garages as a custom structure. Barns are also another option in a building, which we have a wide selection of. For now, we will be discussing portable RV covers and carports.

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Why Should I Choose Georgia Portable Buildings?

Now that you understand the importance of having a metal RV cover and what to look for, why should you choose Georgia Portable Buildings? One reason is that we have a solid reputation with the public and we've been in business doing this for over 30 years. Another reason is that any option you decide to purchase from us will always be a well-built, sturdy metal shelter. We always build using materials made to last, and our structures come with warranties on a large delivery map (normal service area). We have a list of satisfied clients, both business and residential. Another reason to choose GPB is that our crews of professionals nationwide are willing to work with you and for you. Not only do they take into consideration your personal choices, but they are also trained to work with the specifications and requirements unique to the location in which you live. Our team has the experience to handle any storage, installation issue or complication with ease.

Aside from our experienced employees, the shelters themselves are designed to provide you with years of quality construction and protection with flexibility. One reason we are able to say this is due to the portability of our structures. If you have the need to change the location of your structure, our staff can easily help take care of this for you. Whether you want to move it across the yard or to another property, GPB is happy to assist in relocating our convenient portable shelters.

Make the Best Portable Metal RV Cover Decision Today

We hope you make the best decision for your own RV and hopefully you choose to shop with Georgia Portable Buildings. Our protective, professionally installed steel covers will guard your boat, truck, or vehicle against all damaging weather conditions, and improve the life of your RV.

The metal carports are built to last year-round, year after year, as long as you could possibly need. The protection from the carport you will be provided is designed and constructed by a competent team member dedicated to help you all the way through to installation process. Our staff will assist to find an affordable, customized metal RV carport to safely store your motorhome, camper, truck, RV or vehicles.

Every RV carport is completely customizable, both in design and dimensions. The wise choice is Georgia Portable Buildings - we have portable RV covers that really work.