Guard Shacks - Portable and Prefab

What is a Guard Shack?

By definition, a guard shack is a station house or checkpoint area for security staff to monitor the coming and going of a business location. These security booths are commonly seen at hospitals and schools, where a security guard will check-in and check out whoever enters and exits the property.

A guard shack or safety station can be used for one or more staff members as well as to house electronic monitoring equipment. Many times you will find a security guardshack equipped with a powered gate or a ticket dispenser for allowing vehicles into or out of a secure location.

Many professionals choose to have their guard shacks prefabricated in advance so that they can make as many customizations to the structure as possible. Security booths that are prefab allow for a modern and customized design, while still allowing for comfort, complete portability, and very rugged design.

The guard shack that is best for you is one that is the right size and accommodates your staff and/or equipment most efficiently. One of the top priorities is safety, so these prefab security guard buildings are designed with utmost safety in mind.

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Prefab guard shacks work great on construction sites: use them where you need them and their portability allows them to be moved at any time to another site!

Will a Small Guard Shack Work For Me?

The 4' x 6' guard shack is a great option for areas where minimal space is available and provides enough room to accommodate one person while being a good price for guard shacks. Our modular guard house is budget-friendly while remaining sturdy enough to provide adequate protection and allow the occupant to be comfortable on the job.

Our attractive guard shacks are ideal for parking booths or for an attendant booth. They are climate controlled and insulated to shelter your employees from any severe weather. These smaller units are also extremely portable and are popular among contractors and security firms that move locations throughout the year. Many of our customers have utilized these guard shacks for trailers, elevated platforms, and observation towers.

Low on space? This is one cozy option! But don' t let the small size fool you, our 4x6 guard shacks come fully equipped with many options.

Guard Shack Shipping?

These 4x6 shacks are shipped preassembled and come standard with a forkliftable base for easy loading and unloading. The guard buildings are completely portable since they are built as one solid unit. One of our most popular sizes, this unit is built and designed to be rugged and endure many years of wear and tear.

It's time to provide your hard-working staff with a place to warm up, cool off, or take shelter so that you can concentrate on your business, knowing that things are safely being supervised and monitored for security.

Guard booths come standard with windows to provide a clear view out of all sides. There is even a 9 light divided window in the metal entry door for added visibility.

A convenient 12" deep shelf across the 4' end is typically included. This provides a place to rest radios and documents, as well as a handy writing surface.

We want our security guard building to stand out, but we realize that you probably don't want that! Either way, these good-looking 4x6 buildings are a modest option that offers a good price for guard shacks.

Common Guard Shack Features

Featured items include: Two insulated sliding 46"x36" windows and one size 36"x36" window, 8000 BTU HVAC wall unit, and a 4' fluorescent light with switch.

Please note some construction highlights:

  • Compact

    Our attractive guard shacks are ideal for parking booths or for an attendant booth.

  • Portable

    These smaller units are also extremely portable and are popular among contractors and security firms that move locations throughout the year.

  • Economical

    Low on space? This is one cozy option! But don' t let the small size fool you, our 4x6 guardshacks come fully equipped with many options..

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Guard Shack Construction Details

Roof: The 4x6 guard shack roof consists of galvanized steel rolled roofing over 7/16" roof decking for long-lasting durability. Standard units come with a 3" overhang on all four sides. In addition, extended eave options and no eave is available if you are space is limited.

Floor: Strong and robust, our guard shack floors are made with premium OSB flooring over pressure treated floor joists. The floor is insulated and covered with tough vinyl flooring. Under the guard shack, you will find pressure treated, permanently mounted skids for easy transport. C-channel forklift pockets are standard on the smaller guard booths and enable stress-free portability.

Siding: Walls consisting of interior vinyl clad gypsum, OSB sheathing, and aluminum exterior makes for a dent resistant and maintenance free finish. Customers can choose from a variety of attractive colors for siding and trim.

Availability: Typically we keep this 4x6 guard shack size in stock with a standard layout and neutral color. These are ready to ship within a few days depending on the weather. Call to check for current stock availability. Custom-built guard shacks take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. We can ship anywhere in the Eastern and Central U.S.

The floor plan displayed above pictures a sample guard booth layout that can be customized. Standard 4x6 guard shacks include two duplex outlets, 100amp electrical panel, phone jack, HVAC unit, and a shelf.

The layout can be customized to position the door, windows, charging stations or outlets, and the HVAC unit can be mounted high or low. If your checkpoint will be in a potentially high crime area, be sure to ask about our burglar bars option, bullet-proof glass, and extra A/C unit protection.

Guard Shack Options

The guard shack can be accommodating and comfortable for security team members, as well as being a safe place to work. The structure can have a seating area, air conditioning, heating, insulation, a sliding window for receiving guests, and many more options.

Security guard shack enclosures offer many options to expand your business and take it to the next level. Some businesses use these booths for ticketing, concerts, and gaming events, in a professional setting, or in a relaxed setting where extra security monitoring is needed.

Some common options include guard shack with restroom, sliding windows for drive-up or drive-through situations, small break room area, extra docking and charging ports and stations or advanced electrical facilities, counter space, a larger electrical panel (or breaker box) for your custom needs, as well as extra security built into the guard building itself.

Guard Shacks - Completely Portable

Keep in mind the fact that our well-designed security guardshacks are completely portable. If the need arises for a checkpoint or guard station to be moved at some point in the future, our design is the best and most cost-effective solution over a guardhouse built on site. The structure is extremely well-built and rugged, while still being able to house your safety team members comfortably.

With many colors to choose from for the siding and trim, these handsome guard buildings will fit right into your company site.

The guard shack that works best for you is the one that is built the best, saves you money, and helps your staff maintain safety and security on the job. Our modern, pre fabricated guard booths are completely portable, they can be insulated and include full plumbing and electrical and be as comfortable as you need. With many options to fit into your work environment, security guardshacks are tough, safe, and practical.

We routinely ship our guard shacks to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Not sure which unit you need? Go ahead - give our experienced guard shack team a call. With over 30 years in the industry, we are ready to help you secure the best price for one of our portable, prefab security guard shacks.