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Metal Carports and RV Covers

Are you in the market for a metal building, whether that be in the form of a metal garage, carport, RV carport or even a kit? Then you've come to the right place. We have literally thousands of metal buildings for you to consider.

When on the search for commercial or residential outdoor all-weather protection for your vehicles, selecting the best building is crucial to protecting your investments.

We are building experts, and we can walk you through the steps to selecting the steel building to fit your needs.

We answer the most frequently asked questions our customers have when searching for a cover and empower you with the knowledge and tools to make your future dream projects a reality.

Custom Metal Buildings and Steel Garages

Steel panels are placed on the roof and sides for a sturdy steel warehouse even in the harshest of environments. If you're considering one of our custom metal buildings for the construction site, these are tough enough for double duty.

How do carports and RV covers differ from metal buildings?

Custom steel buildings differ in that the sides are fully enclosed giving added protection. They can also be outfitted with windows and doors for easy access.

Customers can pick the components that matter the most to them. Build and price your new engineered steel building now using our 3D metal building configurator.


A custom barn is an excellent building solution if you have large vehicles or heavy equipment, while still giving extra space for storage or shop space. If you need ample storage and efficient access to all of your valuables in an attractive style, then a custom metal barn is the solution for you.

Metal Building Service Area By State

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What we offer

  • A versatile solution for our customer's needs
  • Tons of options (See other custom metal buildings customers have built in our gallery)
  • Low prices
  • An top-notch 3D steel building kit configurator to make your building project just right
  • No additional cost for shipping and installation of your custom-manufactured metal building kits
  • All of our steel building kits are engineered with a 140 mph wind load and 30 pounds per square foot snow load
  • A business team with the knowledge, competence, and tools to answer any question
  • An industry-leading manufacturer warranty
  • Offer all this to an extensive service area

Our Metal Building Process

Our 3 step process produces engineered steel buildings which cost the least in the industry. Let us help you succeed.

Design a portable guardhouse building online now.

Effective Design

Practical design features go into all of our custom metal buildings. Providing our customers with a serviceable steel building for years to come.

Construct a guard house gatehouse to meet your needs.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our industry-leading manufacturing standards produce high-grade buildings.

Portable Guard house shipped directly to your business.

Building Construction

Factory-trained personnel teams provide installation quickly at your site. Providing years of maintenance-free use.

Metal Buildings: FAQ

  1. Is it cheaper to build your own prefab steel buildings?

    Buying garage kits typically costs more than having us ship and install your building in the location you want on your property.

  2. How much is a metal building per square foot?

    Our most popular-sized metal workshop comes in at $17.88 per square foot with installation. Keep in mind this price changes based on various factors.

  3. What roof style should I pick?

    There are three different roof styles available for metal buildings, regular (rounded), and boxed eave A-frame with either horizontal or vertical panels.

    This illustration below shows the best one vertically installed panels:

  4. What is the best material to build a building with?

    Excluding exotic materials, steel is the most durable material available, far exceeding wood.

  5. How long will a steel building last?

    This depends on a variety of factors, typically they will last well over 50+ years.

  6. What can custom steel buildings be anchored to?

    Typically they are anchored in dirt, gravel, stone, and concrete.

  7. How long does it take to put up metal buildings?

    Carports with open sides take 1-8 hours to stand up. Metal garages take approximately 2 days to assemble depending on the options and size of the garage.

Real Stories, Real Results

Daniel Stevens

The owner and I set out to build a 1 car garage with a 2 car carport integrated all into 1. Turned out fantastic and has been a nice addition to my property.

Fantastic 1 car garage with a 2 car carport all in one.

Sherri Simpson

Had a great experience with having my carport installed with this company. Especially to be able to have a 5 ft. opening to my patio. Thank you Ben and the crew who came to install it for being so patient with me. Please see attached pictures.

High Score Media, LLC Kings Of Sound

Professional, from the front end, communication, and efficient install.

Phillip Hudson

I can't say enough good things about my Georgia Portable Building carport! This thing is really solid! I ordered the 140 MPH wind load because the wind here gets pretty bad sometimes so they added big mobile home anchors along the sides and we've already experienced 40 MPH winds without a shudder! I got a 22 x 46 x 12 with 3 enclosed sides for my 40 ft motorhome and I love having all the extra room! One last thing I have to say, kudos for a well thought out website, one of the best I've ever run across.

Sam C.

Very thorough ordering process. I’m hoping to be able to modify/change options if needed. Not actually ready to order due to not knowing price and other details.

M J.

I was needing a shop built, only plans was in my head. Elizabeth at GA Portable Building put everything on paper she was very patient and went above and beyond to do my shop just to my satisfaction. I highly recommend. Very satisfied customer.

Keith W.

Happy with customer service thus far. Looking forward to carport installation.

Ron C.

Liz is amazing and really made my purchase experience personal and idealized to my specific request. Other than the engineer prints delay the process has been good

Ronnie S.

This whole process was so easy! We ordered online, received a call back very quickly on what the next step was to be. Paid our deposit and thought we'd have to wait 6-8 weeks.We got a call that they installers would be in our area, so the time from paying the down payment to installation was less that 3 weeks. The installers were quick and efficient! We are VERY pleased with our camper cover!

Bob M.

All went well with the purchase and installation. The wait time from order to delivery was right at 8 weeks. The installation did not start until late in the afternoon due to issues with previous deliveries but they did finish that day, though it got dark about 45 minutes before they were done. The crew was pleasant and easy to work with. They answered my questions when I saw something I didn't understand and asked about it.

Prefab Guard Buildings For Sale

Prefab guard shacks have become very popular due to the increase in crime everywhere. With these portable safety buildings, layouts have been created in advance to help educate you about the structure and its options.

General guardhouse information helps you know what type of structure you are looking for.

The size is one of the first things you need to know when you are shopping for guard shacks and portable metal buildings, then create a layout or decide on one that works for you.

Professional design of guard shacks or portable security metal buildings is important because they should help you maintain a high security environment while still allowing customization for the business where they are located.

We can personally work with you to draw up a design for your security booth that is customized.

You can look at guardhouse prices or get a quote on a security guard shack.

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Why Us?

Georgia Portable Buildings has served communities across the US for over three decades. From Florida to Washington, or South Carolina to West Virginia, we get you the best prices to keep your equipment and tools running smoothly and stored in a beautiful shop. No fabrication or welding is required from you the customer.

our metal building coverage area map of the United States that is shaded in yellow to represent the areas we service

Whether you need a steel building kit or you're looking for prefab steel buildings at home, our goal is to provide you with an engineered metal building, steel garage, or carport that truly serves your needs for years to come.

We offer high levels of customization so you can optimize your workflows in our commercial buildings.

The engineering expertise these metal buildings provide far exceeds the industry standard. This allows you peace of mind knowing that your valuables are protected. We offer structures for residential, commercial, military, and even steel buildings for industrial work areas.

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