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Enjoy Your Class C RV Cover


Starts at $4,355.00

A well-built metal RV cover is very cost-effective, important, safe, and handy for your Class C motorhome. Easily and safely park your RV in one of these sturdy Class C RV Covers right on your own property and skip the storage unit fees! Storing your RV under a nice metal cover in this way will give you access from both the top and sides of your RV whenever necessary. There is even adequate room to deploy your slide-out. Keep your RV covered and protected from any type of weather and moisture all year long!

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Product Description

  • Regular Style
  • 18 ft. x 36 ft. x 10 ft. x 13 ft. 3 in.
  • Sample Shows Additional Options:
    • 3 - 3 ft. high x 36 ft. long panels (2 left side, 1 right side)
  • Color:
    • Top - Pebble Beige
    • Trim - Pebble Beige
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In Most Cases:

  1. 1 Year Workmanship Warranty.
  2. 20 year Limited Rust Through Warranty On:
    • 12 Gauge Frames
  3. 10 Year Limited Rust Through Warranty
    • 14 Gauge Frames
  1. Our #1 question asked, "Does the price include shipping, anchoring and installation?"

    Our prices include shipping, anchoring and installation on your level site within our normal service area our service area map

  2. The second most frequently asked question, "How long before installation?"

    Average install time is 3 - 6 weeks

Shipping to: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Why This Idea Makes Sense

With this quality metal structure, you will have no worries about rips, snags, or cloth cover replacement. This structure offers permanent resistance to all exterior damage while providing a custom fit, installed by a professional team, with a warranty included. You will get a lifetime of water resistance and protection from all-weather, rain, snow, hail, sleet, harsh UV sun rays, and even heavy wind protection in all climates.

Class C RV-type recreational vehicles are very popular for all types of fun and travel to enjoy time with family and friends, new and old. When you are parking or storing your camper or motorhome, it is very good to protect your RV from weather and bad elements like rain and snow or even UV rays from the hot sun, which can be very destructive.

It's vital to protect Class C RVs because they are an important investment and you want to keep them nice for many years. The idea of a long-lasting, quality steel RV cover to store your nice RV just makes sense.

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Temporary or Permanent RV Covers?

Temporary stretch covers need to be replaced and do not offer permanent Class C RV protection for your investment. It would be a shame to put so much money into a gorgeous motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer and have it ruined by the weather because you didn't cover it properly when it wasn't in use. Harsh weather easily degrades temporary RV covers after one harsh season and turns them into tatters.

RVs need to be covered with the very best in long-lasting, quality steel materials in order to be properly maintained or they will degrade and break down over time. Only permanent RV covers make for the best protection of your camper, trailer or motor home.

In your search for the best in motorhomes or Class C RVs, you likely did your homework first. You didn’t want to buy a camper, motorhome or RV that had water damage or mold, did you? The same is true when it comes to covering and protecting your motorhome itself. You want the best from one bumper to the other, front and rear coverage.

When you store your gorgeous camper, it should be protected from top to bottom from all of the effects of the weather and elements. It is possible to have a nice, permanent structure that allows for ground clearance, wind protection, water damage, and inclement weather, all while meeting your needs financially.

"Ask yourself if you want to buy a solid steel permanent protective cover once or a cheap temporary cover many times?"

What Size Should the Cover Be?

The Class C RV covers that are the best are the ones that adequately cover your motorhome front to back, left to right, top to bottom when everything is fully open and extended and there is plenty of stretching room. You should be able to easily open all doors, slide outs, and climb on top (if necessary) for any maintenance and have no difficulty moving supplies.

Height is also an important consideration when shopping for a permanent storage solution. Some RV’s require a very tall storage space because of how tall the RV, motorhome, or camper is. With a Class C cover, you don’t have the same concerns, because your storage space doesn’t have to be as tall or as demanding as some. You can save a lot of money on a height that would otherwise be wasted when you consider size options for covering your Class C RV. Be sure to measure in advance and know what your needs are, including anything on top of your unit. Many people have RV covers that are just too tall and they paid more than they needed to pay.

What Does Leg Height Mean?

Leg height simply means the height at which the metal support leg goes to reach the metal arch that becomes the roof. The peak height is the tallest part of the structure, the a-shaped peak. Leg height is not the same as peak height. Ten-foot leg height (for the average structure) can be sufficient for most models and this allows you to save on cost but not on quality or structure. You are still going to have a very sound building, with supports running the entire length, as shown in the images on this page.

You can also choose what type of ground you want underneath your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer. You can have concrete poured or you can choose gravel, pavement, or just ground if you like. The type of ground where you park is completely up to you; the cover will be securely fixed to the ground or concrete base regardless of the ground cover you choose like gravel or asphalt millings. Keep in mind that water running underneath the RV cover determines partially how much the ground might move in the future.

Does it Matter Where I Live?

These covers can be used for protection year-round. If you are in the Southwest, the baking summer sun, and wind are big problems for you. If you live in the Southeast, the hot sun, humidity, and potentially heavy rain are big considerations. If you live in the Northeast or Midwest, winter winds and perhaps snow load are considerations for you. If you live in Florida or parts of California, you will never see snow but high winds are a real issue for you if you live along the coast.

In the winter, these metal RV structures offer excellent protection for people who live where there are high winds and/or sleet, rain, and heavy snow during the winter. These steel covers can handle a great deal of snow and precipitation while maintaining their structural integrity and keeping debris off of your vehicles.

Weather can be damaging to your Class C RV no matter where you live in the USA and no matter what the season. These covers are an excellent purchase for permanent year-round coverage because all weather can be harmful, even spring and fall can be very unpredictable, gusty, and severe. The sun can also cause damage with dry-rot and cracking of exterior finishes, and chemical release of vehicle interiors, which causes residual film build-up on glass.

Class C RV Covers - What About Certified Structures?

In a nutshell, what is a certified structure? A certified structure is a Class C RV Cover that has been certified by a professional engineer or PE to withstand a certain amount of wind load or snow load.

All of the Class C RV covers and metal buildings sold by Georgia Portable Buildings are engineer certified. Feel free to contact us about certified Class C RV Covers and structures.

Why You Can Count on Us

Georgia Portable Buildings has been in the business of selling sturdy storage structures for 30+ years, since 1990. We have a dedicated team of people with hands-on experience in this business and we are happy to assist you with Class C RV covers. Our team can assist you with anything you may need to know about them, from the beginning dimension choices, ground preparation, and installation time frame to completion.

We would love to provide you honest answers to your questions in person or online, by text or phone, whichever is easiest and most convenient for you. You can request a quote online or even place an order if you are ready to do so. Feel free to read reviews from others who have purchased covers for their Class C motorhomes and are happy to share their experience. We want to make sure that your experience in finding the right steel structure for you will be the best! Now you know why you can count on us for your Class C RV Covers.