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Porch Houses - Portable Buildings With Porches

Find a great new porch house and have it delivered right to your backyard. Our skilled crew will install and level your porch house securely for years of maintenance-free enjoyment. The colors can be chosen just right for your backyard porch house.

Attractive styling includes 30-year warranty with a 3/4" pressure treated floor and pressure treated skids and joists which are also covered under warranty for twenty years! You cannot beat this construction and warranty coverage!

This is an extremely well built structure (see how our porch houses are made) and is not flimsy plywood or cheap material that will sag or break down. These strong and sturdy porch houses are built to last and are completely weather-proof and are air and water tight.

Choose wood or aluminum lap siding or even vinyl with a shingled roof on a porch hosue for years of outdoor backyard enjoyment. We offer many colors to match your portable porch house to your home. You can add the barn type look for the door as pictured above ("x" trim) or a simple door as below, your choice. View our many porch house options. Add extra windows or an air conditioner or even just an AC cutout if you are a handyman. Our playhouses come with windows and wiring included in the price so you will get a fair quote.

Porch Houses are great for home, daycare, public play areas, small parks, recreation areas, grandparents' homes and more.*

Sturdy, well-built porch houses have 3/4" pressure treated plywood floors (tongue and groove) plus pressure-treated skids and floor joists let you know that you are investing in quality. A nice back yard building which can be cooled and/or heated year-round!

Synonyms for porch houses

Some common words like tree house, playhouses, playhouse, kids playhouse, girls playhouse and boys playhouse can be synonyms for porch house. Many people like a backyard play house as a form of porch house. People often think of tree houses and clubhouses when they see the porch house building.

Standard Features of Porch Houses:

  • 160 mph wind rating
  • Available in many decorative colors
  • Fully boxed-in eave with aluminum soffit
  • Secure Weather-tight door with keyed lock and spring chain
  • Double 2" x 6" skid foundation for heavy-duty support
  • ¾" plywood, pressure-treated flooring with tongue & groove edge
  • 5:12 pitch roof for additional interior storage
  • Electrical outlet(s) and light(s) with switch
  • Building options also available