Prefabricated Guard House: 6x8

The 6’ x 8’ guard houses are dependable prefab guard houses that are a comfortable option for one person while being one of our most popular sizes. Our guard houses work great for areas with moderate or two-way traffic.

The dependable prefab guard houses are climate controlled with adequate space for people to work comfortably, while still allowing for computers and corresponding workspaces.

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Limited space? Not sure which size you need? Contact us and one of our experienced guard house professionals will help you.

These structures are equipped with three 46”x36” insulated sliding glass windows and an insulated metal door with fixed nine light divided window which provides maximum visibility, as well as an abundance of natural lighting. The layouts of guardhouses can be custom designed to fit your needs.

The 6x8 guardhouse is a great unit that can come set up with a variety of options including HVAC, wiring, phone jack, and a 20” deep laminated counter. Our 6x8 security booths have been used for a number of applications including construction site monitoring, secure check-in point, guard shack, parking attendant booth, time card employee check-in, printer station and more.

Guard House Construction Details

Numerous color choices are also available for the siding and trim. We can design customized dependable prefab guard houses to fit your site constraints, while still fulfilling your needs as efficiently as possible.

Many of our customers choose the 6’ x 8’ size guardhouse as it is the most economical while still providing adequate space.

Your parking attendants or security personnel deserve a comfortable and rugged shelter to protect them from the elements.

Our guardhouses are built to withstand countless years of hard use. Some standard construction features include:

Learn more about customized security guard booth solutions.Our 6x8 guardhouse comes standard with galvanized steel rolled roofing over 7/16” roof decking for tough protection. It also includes a 3” eave on all four sides to reduce the amount of water running down the sides and over your windows and door. In addition, we offer extended eave options and a no eave option where space is at a premium.

Employee check in station for safety, security and shelter.Our durable and easy to clean walls are finished with vinyl clad gypsum. Gypsum with a sea spray texture is found on our ceilings. Both our walls and ceiling are insulated to stay warm in the winters and cool in the summertime. The standard 6x8 guard house height is 84” on the interior walls. However we also offer a 90” interior wall height if preferred.

Best guardshack solutions online with prices.While our wall studs are on 16” centers, they are covered with ½” OSB sheathing for added strength. The exterior is then finished with flat style aluminum siding in your choice of colors. The aluminum siding will not rust and is thus virtually maintenance free.

All our guard house floors consist of premium osb flooring over pressure treated floor joists. The floor is also insulated and covered with heavy-duty vinyl flooring. Skids (pressure treated) are located under the floor joists for portability. In most units C-channel forklift pockets are also included or available as an option.

Guard house solutions adds security and safety to propertyThe maximum windows are placed for visibility out all four sides. On the 6x8 guardhouse unit, three size 46” x 36” double paned, horizontal sliding windows with screen are standard. The entry door also includes a nine light divided window for visibility out of that end as well.

A guardbooth provides secure innovation and assurance.To accommodate the needs of your staff, the 6x8 unit comes standard with a 20” deep laminated counter across a 6’ end. This is handy for radios and monitoring equipment, as well as a flat surface for writing or checking in clientele.

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6 x 8 Guard House Floor Plans

The sample floor plan pictured above shows the most common 6x8 layout. Standard 6x8 guard house structures include options such as; 3 duplex outlets, laminated counter top, HVAC unit, 100 amp electrical panel, and a 4’ fluorescent light and switch. However all layouts can be rearranged and custom built. Electrical options can be added or changed. Exterior floodlights can be added. We will work with you to accommodate your needs and create your uniquely dependable prefab guard buildings according to your company’s precise requirements. The possibilities are endless with this attractive and durable guard house.

A sample guardhouse layout is shown to provide you with an idea of a 6'x8' structure that includes some common options. Shown in this layout are three 46" x 36" insulated (double pane) glass windows. The windows open horizontally and have a white frame. Notice this layout shows that the windows are placed on three sides of the guardhouse, which allows for maximum security and visibility for the security staff within the building. Another option included in this guardhouse layout is an HVAC unit which has been inserted low in the wall opening. This opening was created in a size 22" x 15" to accommodate the unit, which provides a comfortable work environment for security staff members. The guardhouse includes a 4 foot fluorescent light fixture centered on the ceiling so that security staff can have proper lighting within the building. The guardhouse layout shows three included electrical receptacles. All guardhouses include a 100 amp panel with main breaker. Additionally, the guardhouse layout pictures a counter top on the 6 foot end of the building, under one window. This counter space can be very useful in a guardhouse for security guard use, monitor storage, cctv placement or gate check-in requirements.

Shipping our prefab guardhouses to: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.