Metal Garage Construction Facts and Tips

Would you like to see metal garage construction while it is taking place? We have pictures of steel garages during the building process and you can get instant pricing.

It is critical for you to be able to see the structure of the garage, the metal framing, and the way the garage is going up from the inside out. You also need to be able to see the options for custom choices regarding metal buildings plus prefab garage prices. We will also consider wood garage buildings and determine whether or not they are worth checking into.

Can I get 2 car garage prices? Metal garage construction prices can be found here.

In deciding what size your shop should be, consider what you are going to be using the structure for and the space where you want to have it built. Is the ground where the structure is going fairly level?

Pictured with each size steel building shed, you can see the fine construction materials, the ground the garage is being built on, and the process of professional metal building construction. We have listed here five sizes; just pick the size of the metal garage you want to see being built.

Pick the Size of Metal Garage You Want to See Being Built

Before Metal Garage Construction

If you need a permit from your local zoning, it would be beneficial to check if they have any local guidelines that you need to be aware of as well. What does it cost to build a metal garage? It just makes sense to research a building before making a choice to spend your hard-earned money on something like this.

Buildings can serve several purposes such as: secure storage, custom workshops to repair a classic car or truck, keeping your nice RV or camper or working on and storing an ATV. Of course, it is popular to have a carport or car shed choice that you need for safely parking your car with lock and key.

Important Garage Facts:

  • Do I need a permit for my area?
  • Wind and snow load requirements
  • Certification of structure
  • Anchoring
  • Ground type for installation
  • Interior garage steel structure
  • Exterior custom looks
  • Door and window placement
  • Roof peak and design
  • Steel gauge
  • Custom choices
  • Warranty
  • Delivery information (time frame)
  • How to get help with your steel garage
  • Maintenance

Warranty is another important choice when you are deciding on a steel building. It is critical to ask about the metal buildings warranty offered by the company. You do not want to have leaks or maintenance issues come up one day while you are enjoying your metal shed or workshop.

Have you ever wondered, how can I find metal garage buildings near me? You can locate your zip code and county and get an instant price on your choice of installed metal garages.


"One size fits all" is not always true. When it comes to needing a garage, we each have a different use in mind. People don’t want to purchase a steel garage that's too big nor one too small. We are here to help you find the best deal on the most practical size for you.

Choose one of the sizes listed to view time lapse photos showing factory trained installation crews during steel shed building from start to finish. As you see the metal garages during the erection process, think about a custom choice you might also need for your car, truck or RV. Consider the wall height needs, size requirements and what the best level location is on your property.

What is the best size for you, the one size that is the most economical building choice? Which choice maybe allows you, for example, to park your vehicles, store some items and have a work bench too? Or maybe you need a metal shed that offers the custom choice with one car lift and a roll-up door for metal working and auto mechanic work.

Length, height, width, roof peak, how much storage is available - all of these things are crucial for you to get custom information about regarding your metal garage

How much does a 24x30 metal garage cost?

24x30 metal garage prices start at $8160.00

Metal Garage Installation

The metal garage construction and installation itself is very quick, usually within one day. However, preparation of the site location is the one key to a successful metal garage building process.

Metal garage construction and installation is best when the surface is level within 4-12 inches. Of course, not every garage can be installed on a perfectly level site. What type of location is the structure going to be installed on? It could be concrete, fresh concrete, gravel, crusher run, grass, or just plain dirt ground. What is most important is that the choice site be as level as possible. Please note that we do not install on boat docks over water.

If your site is not level, try to get it level before installation. This will take time, of course, but it will be worth your time. This is the part of the process that takes the most time and where the work comes in.

If you have the necessary means to do so, then that is the best, but if not then you may need help. Usually people need help to move some earth or dirt around and perhaps have some rocks, gravel or concrete brought in to their site. The surface is prepared and the building site is made ready for the metal garage.

Once the surface is prepared and the building site is made ready for the metal garage, the construction process can begin. Properly prepared in advance, the construction site levelled and ready: this makes for a better building experience.

You NEED to KNOW that the site should be level and ready for installation in advance


Now that your site is prepared, you are ready to start considering what your steel garage should look like.

Have you thought about what options you need with a steel shed? This is usually the more interesting and fun part with steel shed buildings! You may be considering the importance of a garage door or multiple doors and the ability to make custom choices with what already comes included or additions. A steel building can have lots of choices for options; maybe you want to insulate your garage or seal the floor. There is also the choice for colors of steel sheets and trim. Your steel building needs to be the one custom thing that you are really proud of. See a metal garage for sale online in your zip code and get prices.

"The essential choice for people who need metal garage buildings is that they can make options custom to their building"

You have the choice to add several windows to your metal garage if you like that idea. You can add a custom door with a window included or without. There really are many options and you can see the best metal garage pricing tool for your area.

"Garage doors are a handy addition to any metal building"

There is also the roof and siding color option on the steel garage building. You can get a standard rounded roof that goes down the side of the steel building. Or you might want a vertical style roof, which allows for water flow and debris (like pine straw, leaves and nuts) to automatically flow off the side of metal buildings with ease. Vertical roof style is also very attractive as a custom choice in a metal building.

Is Metal Better Than Wood?

There is a long-held controversy over wood buildings and metal buildings and which makes for better building structures.

When shopping for a storage structure, you are faced with many options. There are two main interior structural differences in buildings that last: metal and wood. Have you ever wondered which building is cheaper or better, wood or metal?


Wood garage buildings can be exceptionally well made and somewhat low-maintenance for a time. What about wood garage? The wood buildings typically have a wooden interior structure as well as wooden skids and joists for floor support. Usually, you will see wood sheds or buildings with an asphalt shingle roof or even a metal roof.

Wood buildings definitely absorb heat. Even if you have a window, vents, etc., the building will still get extremely hot inside, especially if it has a shingled roof. Wood buildings can be portable or built-on-site to stay put, however, wood buildings weigh much more than steel buildings do. Buildings made out of wood can also be built to withstand severe weather but over time, wood buildings do require, at the very least, semi-regular maintenance due to the nature of the wood interior, exterior and asphalt shingle roof.


Metal buildings are less expensive for the customer and also require next to no maintenance whatsoever. The steel frame interior, as well as the roof made of steel is a very strong, no maintenance structure. This way, metal buildings repel the sun’s hot rays and make the building cooler inside overall than a wood building would be. Because they are not made of wood, these units also do not attract pests like squirrels, rats, snakes and bugs.

As well, you can easily have garage doors installed in a metal building and they would function quite well. The warranty on steel buildings is great. One last comparison is that a metal building allows for more custom color choice options than a wood building would. A vertical roof metal garage is the very best style or type to purchase.

After comparing the two, it becomes evident that a metal building garage is:

  • Cheaper
  • Lower maintenance
  • Easier to move, if necessary
  • Weighs less
  • Offers more choice for custom colors
  • Does not attract pests
  • Offers excellent warranty

Getting Help

If you do not see the size you prefer below, no worries, these are just sample sizes. We can assist you with the metal garage building size you are looking for. Many people find it very helpful to view pictures and see installation sites before purchase consideration.

You may still have questions about the structure of metal buildings, anchoring, wind and snow load ratings, certification and more, so if you do, contact us! We are a company that's been in business 30 years and would love to speak with you personally regarding the best deal on metal garages and metal garage construction.