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Elevate your game with our high-quality metal barns. These steel structures offer more than just storage; they embody longevity, strength, and protection for your valuable assets. Imagine your farm equipment and livestock shielded from the elements by robust, premium materials. Don't just invest in a barn; invest in your future. Discover the difference today and own a high-quality metal barn that stands the test of time.

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Barns - Metal - Steel

Barns - Metal - Steel available from 36′ to 54′ wide by up to 250′ long

Standard Features:

  • 36′ wide x 35′ long Box Eave Barn
  • 2 - 10′ x 10′ roll-up steel doors,
  • 1 - 32" x 72" walk-thru door
  • Enclosed on 4 sides

Price includes installation and shipping in most cases on your level slab or ground. Price reflects the main structure only. No Stalls or partitions are included in the previously stated price.

* Smaller and larger barns are available

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How long does it take to put up a metal barn?

Putting up a pre-engineered metal barn usually takes between 1-3 days with a professional installation crew. Here is a general timeline:

Day 1

  • Site preparation - Clearing and leveling the site, laying gravel base.
  • Foundation - Pouring concrete piers or installing foundation posts. Needs to cure before building.

Day 2

  • Framing - Assembling the frame pieces on the ground, then lifting into place with equipment. Bolting frame together.
  • Roof and walls - Adding roof sheets, insulation, and wall sheeting while the frame is up.

Day 3

  • Doors and trim - Installing roll or swing doors, garage doors, trim pieces, closures.
  • Accessories - Adding any electrical, lights, outlets, vents as needed.

Crews can typically erect a basic 42 ft. x 30 ft. barn in 1-2 days. Larger or more complex buildings with extra framing or finishes may take 2-3 days.

The prefab metal components make installation much faster compared to traditional post-frame barn building. However, a proper foundation still needs time to cure before erecting the metal structure.

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