Steel Garage Kits DIY

Steel Garage Kits DIY Sample
Sample LL1

Starts at $6,300
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Steel Garage Kits DIY Sample

  • 20′ wide x 20′ long x 8′ leg height x 11′ 8" peak height
  • Sample Shows Additional Options:
    • 2 - 9′ wide x 7′ high roll-up steel garage doors in the end wall
    • Vertical style roof
    • 1 - 32" x 72" walk-thru door
  • Color:
    • Top - Evergreen,
    • Trim - White,
    • Sides - White

Steel Garage Kits DIY are available in hundreds of other sizes & color combinations

Looking to cover your favorite vehicle or build a workshop? Want to make it a family project? Or maybe you have something special in mind for installation. Whether you want a complete garage package (installation and anchoring included) or steel garage kits DIY you have come to the right place! Perhaps you are just looking for steel materials to complete an existing project or add-on to previously installed steel garage. We can provide you with the needed materials to get the job done.

Of course we highly recommend having our factory trained installation crew perform the assembly and installation of the garage. In fact all our web pricing found online includes installation! We can also install on many different site conditions. We have experience installing on many different foundations including stem walls, or over existing structures. If installing over a structure or on a wall or deck, fees will apply. We consistently install many custom layouts for a standard garage, side entry garage, or utility carport.

Nevertheless we realize there are times when an unusual or special site circumstance, may preclude us from installing the unit. Or maybe you wish to be 100% involved in the entire garage construction process, perhaps as a hobby or training project with your kids. If so we can certainly drop-off the steel garage DIY materials at your home or preferred location. The same colors are available to choose from. All trusses, panels, leg posts, base rails, braces, anchors, trim, and screws/bolts are included. The DIY kit materials are not wrapped, packaged, or labeled however.

DIY Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a steel garage kit DIY cost?

    All online pricing includes installation. For drop-off only, you can deduct 5% off the carport/garage total price before tax.

  2. Do steel garage kits DIY have a wind or snow rating?

    No. Unless the garage or carport is installed by our factory trained crew, the engineer cannot certify that the carport will meet any ratings. We can sell you all the same materials needed for a certified unit; however it will not carry the certification without installation to the engineer’s specifications by our factory qualified crews.

  3. Are there any steel garage kits DIY instructions?

    No. While there are no specific instructions or manufacturer manual, we have included a sample step by step guide online that may prove useful for you.

    View other sample garage construction pictures.

  4. My site is not level, do I need to purchase a steel garage kit DIY?

    Typically no. Our expert sales representatives can guide you thru the process of ordering a garage or carport that can accommodate un-level site within a few inches. Our highly skilled installation crew may need to do some custom leg trimming onsite to accommodate the un-level ground and there is a small fee for that. However what if your site is more than 12” un-level? Many of our customers are able to prepare the site and do some custom leveling before the crew arrives to install the unit. View 3 sample custom level options our customers have performed.

  5. How much time will it take me to assemble and install a steel garage kit myself?

    It generally takes our factory trained crews anywhere from a couple of hours to 1-2 days depending on the size of the unit. However you may find it will take you more time. While the assembly of a basic carport is relatively simple, an enclosed carport or garage with several options will be more complicated and time-consuming. Our crews do this for a living and are thus very efficient, experienced, 2-3 person teams. Often our customers remark that just watching them work is amazing!

  6. Can you ship me a steel garage kit DIY?

    No. We do not have the capability to ship heavy steel materials via couriers such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

    On occasion we can ship a small non-heavy item for replacement needs. In those rare cases, availability and cost is determined on a case by case basis.

  7. Is it faster to purchase steel garage kits rather than an installed order?

    No. The average installation time frame for your area is approximately the same for delivery or drop-off only.

  8. I want to pick up steel garage kits DIY, is this possible?

    Yes, in some states. If you are close enough to a distribution center, then pick up can be arranged. Give us a call and one of our experienced sales executives will assist you.